Sunday, September 21, 2008

Traditional Japanese menu

We were lucky enough to have three friends over for a mid-week dinner party on Wednesday - as our (basically) first real dinner party together, we were a bit nervous. It turned out quite well, however - we had a blast. One thing we've learned about Japanese food, though, is that it takes a substantial chunk of time. Guests began arriving about 9pm, and we began eating around 9:30 or so. After a leisurely set of 4 courses, then something more to drink for a few of us, we had two guests independently enjoying the new couches in the living room. Our recommendation if you're making Japanese food, unless you serve it bento-style: start early, enjoy late!


Clear soup

(garnish: baby garden radish, enoki threads, and a fresh shitake)

Chicken teriyaki

Drenched radish

Green beans with sesame-miso dressing

(garnish: garlic chive scape, nasturtium petals)

Rice with shiso

Vinegared red lotus root

(garnish: cucumber strips)

Miso soup


Green tea

(deleted: bean cake
with chestnuts)

Plum wine

(recipes to follow soon)

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