Saturday, November 22, 2008

Back in business!

Thank you, to those of you who read this blog and have reminded us to keep it up!

Now that Tanya's computer is back up and running, there will be more cooking and recipe misadventures. Since the last post, we have:
  • visited North Carolina, with amazing BBQ and fried green tomatoes amidst beautiful fall color
  • visited the cuisines of Japan, Germany, the American South, Ethiopia, and Morocco
  • expanded our pantry to include ingredients possibly never found together in one place before
  • explored a healthy number of Seattle's imported food stores
  • put the garden to bed for the winter, and planted winter veggies
  • harvested over 30lbs of red and green tomatoes, as well as several crops of arugula, potatoes, cress, parsley, Swiss chard, and fresh baby carrots!
  • been sick as dogs for two weeks with a combination of strep throat and other illnesses
  • generally been settling in for the winter in dreary Seattle.
Thanks to those who subscribe, and all the wonderful friends we have been using, shamelessly, to test out our new kitchen strategies.
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