Monday, August 11, 2008

La Noche de Mole Negro del Diablo

Without going on too long about this, imagine a day consisting of:
  • Shopping, because you didn't get all the ingredients ahead of time
  • Rendering your own lard, because the recipe said to do so
  • Fire-roasting tomatoes, onions, garlic and tomatillos whole over a hot griddle (turning them constantly with your fingers, of course)
  • Sauteeing just about all the ingredients for mole in lard, including the raisins (ever tasted raisins sauteed in lard?)
  • Making a double batch of mole negro, including burning the chile seeds separately from burning the dried chiles
  • Steeping hibiscus flowers and reducing it to syrup for drinks
  • Making chicken stock out of the chicken feet you got at the farmer's market
  • Making turkey stock by poaching two very large turkey legs
  • Grinding your own corn to make masa for tamales
  • Washing, then cutting the banana leaves to size
  • Roasting fresh peppers for chili later in the week
  • Making packets of turkey tamales
  • Steaming them for an hour
  • Whipping together chile sauce from scratch
  • Making avocado ice cream
Oh, and did we mention we had guests? Coming over at 6:30?

Needless to say, we have incredibly patient friends -we finally ate the tamales at 9:30. Good thing the food turned out all right, especially since we have about 18 cups of mole now. Recipe posts to follow - we're both still exhausted from Sunday's menu, and it's already Wednesday.

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